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Columbus Underground Article

The Columbus Underground wrote an article about us! 

"Marketed as Ohio’s first digital library collection, the Upper Arlington Public Library’s Listen Columbus project brings a digital collection of local music to library goers, free of charge.

After putting together a physical collection of local music for the library, Listen Columbus coordinators Katy Hite and Alexa Elgabri said they recognized the need for a place the public could access digital music since a large number of artists exclusively release music online.

Mummula & Bummers are now on Listen Columbus!

We are excited to add Mummula & Bummers to Listen Columbus! More new bands to come! 

About Mummula:

In Mummula Manor, when the clock strikes pyramidnight, the mighty Mummula rises from his tomb.  We hail from Sandsylvania in order to spread the curse of Mummula. Through our ca-coffin-ous blend of punk, garage, surf, and cartoons we strive to show the world that it's hip to be scared.

Genre: Horror, Punk, Surf Rock. 

Castle Mummula Album