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All songs written by Junior Kauffman.

All songs recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jay Alton.

The outside artwork was done by Mr. Eric Nassau.

The Devil Doves “Mount Rushmore” artwork was done by Mr. Brian Shane.

Layout and Spiritual Guidance provided by Mr. Tony Catalina.

Jay Alton plays lead guitar on “Hearing Tests”

Kyle Davis wrote the third verse on “Who Do You Think?”

Written and produced by Drew Clausen 

Drew Clausen: lyrics/lead vocals and guitar 
Dennis Ingle: drums, percussion, vocals, lyrics on War Machine 
Johnny Riddle: keyboards, synth, sax, vocals 
Steve Barrish: bass guitar, guitar, vocals 

Eric Van Wagner: recording and engineering 
Jonathan Marshall Hape: mixing 
John Fintel of Relay Recording: mastering 
Sam Kettel (Last Orders): album art 

all rights reserved

Self-released on CD and digital download June 18, 2016 
Vinyl LP released via Oak Island Records December 1, 2017

Music by Pale Grey Lore 
Lyrics by Michael Miller 
Recorded & Engineered by Andy Sartain 
Mastered by Harold LaRue 
Cover art by Joel Chastain