Indie Rock

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Written and produced by Drew Clausen 

Drew Clausen: lyrics/lead vocals and guitar 
Dennis Ingle: drums, percussion, vocals, lyrics on War Machine 
Johnny Riddle: keyboards, synth, sax, vocals 
Steve Barrish: bass guitar, guitar, vocals 

Eric Van Wagner: recording and engineering 
Jonathan Marshall Hape: mixing 
John Fintel of Relay Recording: mastering 
Sam Kettel (Last Orders): album art 

all rights reserved

Album release date: Oct. 2, 2020

All songs written by Robert Loss, arranged by Blind Engineer

© 2020 Jeremiad Coyote Music

Performance credits:

Jesse Charles: guitars and organ

Bill Heingartner: drums and backing vocals

Robert Loss: guitars, organ, piano, and lead vocals

Eric Nassau: bass guitar and backing vocals

Album Writing and Performance Credits:
● John “Jack” Smithberger
● Nicholas “Niko” Francis
● Henry Schuellerman
● Case Koerner