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Brett Burleson’s first record as a band leader is steeped in the jazz tradition of storytelling. Songs For My Friends is a personal record, not simply an afternoon jam session captured on tape.

The core of Songs For My Friends is the collaboration of Burleson and drummer Ryan Jewell (Ryley Walker, Tatsuya Nakatani). He is present on every track, whether it was recorded with Burleson’s band or began life as a duo in the studio. The interplay between the two musicians is telepathic. With every twist and turn one may introduce, the...

When Jovan Karcic releases 2015, his third long-player and second for Scioto Records, he’s telling you about who he was, standing
on top of the hill.

The album began in the same vein as his previous home-recorded calendar-year song & sound diaries, 2010 and 2011. Karcic blends
DIY vibes with studio contributions from his friends, family and outsiders. It was a response to where he was standing, what was
behind him, and signs of things ahead.

“I just had a zero-ending birthday and my Civil War reenactment...