Broken Rainbows (Deadpan Charms and Dubious Yarns) Live at the Wex

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Recorded live September 24, 2021, at the Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, Ohio

Deadpan Charms:
01 Expat (or, "Oslo Calling")
02 Broken Rainbows (or, "Royal, Azure, Cerulean, Turquoise, Cobalt")
03 Go With You (or, "You Can Only Do So Much")
04Orders Of The Day (or, "Holding Up Signs In The Rain")
05Nowhere Home (or, "I Just Want To Bury My Dad Beside Saul Bellow")

Dubious Yarns:
06 Two Evils (or, "Gave Myself A Flowbee Haircut")
07 Which Way Did You Run (or, "How Doris Channeled Her Guilt and Kicked Oppression In The Nutsack")
08 Rise (or, "Old And Wise, Only The Opposite")
09 Parched (or, "And Lay Down In The Snow To Make Sense Of The Clouds")
10 Stripes And Stars (or, "Pam And Cordel's 42nd Annual Backyard BBQ And Cornhole Deathmatch")
11 Lost Today (or, "Wake Up To Find Out You Really Screwed Up")
12 Expat (Burl Ives Burlesque version)

released December 3, 2021

Band members:
Greg Bonnell - drums
Jerry Dannemiller - guitar, lap steel
Ted Hattemer - bass guitar, harmonica
Jake Housh - guitar, SK-1
Scotty Tabachnick - Fender Rhodes, 12-string guitar

Toby Hattemer - backing vocals, acoustic guitar
Camille Housh - backing vocals
Haley Housh - backing vocals
Josh Housh - backing vocals

Live Performance Video:
Michael Ivey - camera
James Godwin - camera
Jake Housh - editing, interstitial video, sound mixing

Intro and interstitial sounds:
Brian Harnetty, Jerry Dannemiller, Little Brother

Wexner Center team:
Steve Trefnoff - sound
Sonia Baidya - lights
John Smith - production manager
Adam Elliott - performing arts assistant
Lane Czaplinski - performing arts director
Melissa Starker - press