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Brett Burleson’s first record as a band leader is steeped in the jazz tradition of storytelling. Songs For My Friends is a personal record, not simply an afternoon jam session captured on tape.

The core of Songs For My Friends is the collaboration of Burleson and drummer Ryan Jewell (Ryley Walker, Tatsuya Nakatani). He is present on every track, whether it was recorded with Burleson’s band or began life as a duo in the studio. The interplay between the two musicians is telepathic. With every twist and turn one may introduce, the...

Album writing and performance credits - All Songs Written by OLDE FRNDS (Carl Sigler, Dwayne Barnett, Ramsey Morton & William Ong) 

Bounce written by Damont Warfield 

Recorded by Daily Grind Productions (Facebook)
Mixed by Black Moon Recordings (Facebook)
Special Guest Performance by Kevin Tolliver on "Neon Malls"
Performed and written by ONGFACE

Cleanly stated, this is my "covid record"... When covid-19 hit me and the Columbus community surrounding (Mid-March 2020), I started recording "something" almost everyday. Anything... Truly anything... almost impulsively... 

The energy behind this push was filled completely with survival from the uncertain. At the time, I felt if I could at least bring myself to do "something like this," I might feel connected to the world outside of my own experience. These were feelings I very much did NOT want to feel. Often while recording, I...

Album writing and performance credits: All songs written and produced by Dave Zup.  Dan Prince - electric guitar and bass (tracks 1, 2, 4).  PINEL - additional drum programming (track 1).  Willie Four - trumpet (tracks 4, 5).  BJSR - piano, acoustic guitar, and bass (track 5).  All songs mixed and mastered by Ronnie Pinnell for PINEL Music.  Photography/artwork by Wes Fowler.  ©2022 Hoping For More Music, LLC.

Album Writing and Performance Credits

Caleb Miller- voice, woodwinds, drums, synths, guitar, bass 
Nick Weckman- voice, clarinet, keyboard, guitar, drums 
Artwork= "You Hav Arrived" by Nick 
Audio by Caleb Miller 
Released by Very Much Recordings (019)