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After-Death Plan
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Sinner by Sinner by you
Sinner gotta gun Gotta play real safe
Trigger on the finger flexor
Aching to decide if it’s safe to take
Sinner wanna stretch[’]er, betcha
Sinner gotta find a better say
Sinner gonna paint your picture
Sinner gonna paint cha cool, hey hey
Sinner gonna paint cha, pinch ya
Power draining. He’s not painting He is aiming. Pow!
Say: I’m the player, I’m the taker, I’m the man
Sinner got a bet, gotta lick, gotta say
Sinner gotta go away Sinner got upset Gotta get away
Sinner gotta pay
Sinner by Sinner by you
Sinner got a love but it don’t relate
Triggered by a finger linger
Staking out a way for a great escape
Assume he’s going to want a favor
Sinner’s gotta hope it’s not too late
Sinner’s going to be your dance
Shimmer on the dance floor, cool, hey
Skin, it’s going to be the answer.
Sacred, profane, sex aggression is the weapon. Pow!
Say: I’m the mother, I’m the lover, I’m the lamb
Say I gotta debt, gotta sweat, gotta pray
Sinner got a threat Not a hope No say
Sinner gotta threat, gotta sweat, gotta pray
Sinner gotta debt Gotta ho no way
Sinner gotta get away. Sinner gotta a baby