Safe For Work

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Weird Brother
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Safe For Work
I've been fighting and lying for way to long
I've been yelling the same things (over and over) in every song
I’ve been stood up, beat down, and dragged around
I've done it to myself, (I'm tired) and I need to move on
Be careful of what you write you might say it aloud
With no pregnant pause…….. to shut your mouth
I wanna write a song that my mother might like
Wanna lay down my arms
Give up the fight
Sit at the table
With the heads of state
Wanna be on time
Before it's too late
(I'm always too late)
Is my lizard brain doing me wrong?
Or is it doing me harm ?
I can't just figure it out
On whether to continue in this vein
every day and every night, it all seems the same
And I’ll keep on writing ‘cause I can complain
It’s a touch of the real
A modicum of pain
Homily for a generation
A master of none
With no plan of succession
Is it safe to see
Or safe to say
This is the end
Now go and play