Drawn To

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Leaving winter season

Reveals another reason to stay

Breaking up the matter

Has broken up and scattered

Plans I wish had gone our way

The cause it grips so tightly

Effect is seen so slowly these days

Sneak peak of spring season

Gives me another reason to stay

All the leaves were falling

But I couldn't seem to fall into place

You called me out on things

I wasn't ready to hear in those ways

My pride, it took a beating

I guess that's why I'm in disarray

All the leaves are falling

And I can't seem to fall into place

Drawing out my silence

We're drawn out of violence

I'm more than just drawn to your face

Springing into motion

Up-and-at-'em Notion

Come up here and open

Up my box of "Oh, Shit"

Drawing out my motives

That I'm more than just drawn to this place

Believe it or not, it not only affects your heart

It also kinda shows on my face

You know my emotions

Expressed in candid moments

Were usually tucked away

For reasons I can't explain

Changes occurred within me

I wanna fight for meaning

And whatever you're needing

I wanna see you succeed

I wanna see you pain-free

I wanna see you healthy

I wanna give you feeling

The comfort in hair-canopy

Always knew how to comfort me

I was more than just drawn to your face

I guess the Earth is creeping forward in a hurry

Double are rotations, if I think too much I worry

There's no such thing as fast or slow

In the measurement of how time goes

It eventually just shows on your face