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After-Death Plan
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Heel to landing pad
Cool dirt, warm sand, soft grass. Contact.
Halfway becomes the beginning should you not go back
Then it’s not a trail but a fact
You are part of the wildness
It’s not the body of Eve in the garden of Eden
I’m walking till the break of day
I’m drowning and going and flowing
And it’s quite like a river is
Responsibilities you claimed are motherless like the wind
Or a leaf falling from a tree
It’s just a thing
No sad ending for a story that repeats
So what’ll it be?
The kingdom of heaven or here in time between?
Walking, bodiless like the breeze when you’re ready to leave
Now choose your home
Of course you map your move but it’s a path
It’s not a path that leads you safely
It’s not the promise of heaven, baby
It’s no the path that you leave, it’s the path that you lead on
It’s not the body of Eve in the garden of Eden