Shoe Shatter Shimmer

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Not worried ‘bout the time, only worried ‘bout the dogs

Skippin’ over glass like hoppin’ over logs

The shards are kinda small but they would take it all

Got my phone in my pocket in case I need to make that call

Just hope I got the credit or I’m just a neanderthal

Runnin’ past the packs in the dust-lit fields of glistening glass

Reachin’ for my packs in my pocket, tryina get some energy fast

Trick my brain into trickin’ my legs to pick it up, to pick it up fast

Comin’ ‘round the turn, better cross quick, better get over to the grass

Zid zid, khouya, sir sir, khusik tmshi l’shi blasa tmma

B3id mn l’khatr, b3id mn l’ja7in fin l’jebl ya9iss l’smma

Medili my melody, remili the remedy, musi9a dima

Dani n3s wa ana khudit wa9ti w 7lmt b’Titima

I got worried ‘bout the time ‘cause the sun didn’t shine

But we’re just now tickin’ past 3:49

It’s kinda late or kinda early, I don’t mind

Check my pulse and my breathing and my vital signs

And I’m not worried ‘bout the climb, only worried ‘bout the fall

Shoe shatter shimmerin’, sweat is turnin’ into salt

Winter went and Spring sprung early like Summer in the Fall

Shoe shatter shimmerin’, sweat is turnin’ into salt

Hot hands, chilly cheeks

Happy heart, at least I think

Crushed cans, hot feet

Fire’s nice, at least I think