River Bank

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Dave Buker and The Historians
All rights reserved

Oh love 
Like a river bank in a flood 
It can only hold so much 
And if you keep pouring on that water 
We will drown before we can breach 
I want to pull you out and dry you off 
And keep you safe on the beach 

Oh love 
Want to wash your hands clean of 
Want to raise yourself above 
It’s not real unless it’s tough 
And every time you felt your little heart break 
You thought you’d learn a little more 
But the truth is every heart that breaks 
Is a little more sure 

That maybe there’s nothing we can do 
(I won’t give up on us) 
If all the words you say won’t help you to admit the truth 
It’s something I just have to do 
(I won’t give up) 
It’s not giving up, it’s giving in 
It’s best for me and you 

I want what you want 
But that won’t make you stay 
Is your love enough? 
Are you giving up? 
I need the same as you need 
Is that all that you can say?