Ride Side

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The only way I can think clearly

Is by sittin’ upright

The moment I go horizontal

Is when I exit my mind

I don’t hear my own words

When they exit my mouth

They pass through some sort of filter

Somehow they always come out right

(They) cloud my mind

The only times I see clearly

Are when I’m standin’ upright

The moment I lay horizontal

Is when I question my whole life

My whole li[f]e


The only times I feel borrowed

Are when I exit my mind

I leave through some sort of filter

And I never come out right

It clouds my mind


Drivin’ down 71

Goin’ 77, can’t help but speed

Soft-pushin limits, gotta get where I’m goin

I was gonna bypass as I pass by

But now you’re sittin’ here on my ride side