Patterns Don't Change

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Dave Buker and The Historians
All rights reserved

All you think you need is a steady hand 
A little bit of luck and a brand new plan 
But you won’t ever feel 
All you really want is a mended heart 
Get off in the morning, a brand new start 
But you won’t even feel it 
You won’t see what it does to me 

I can’t fall back in love with you 
No matter what you say and do, no 
Patterns don’t change 
Memories won’t erase 
Just because you want them to 

All you think is gone is the honesty 
We’ll open ourselves up how it use to be 
But do you really believe it 
Do I really believe it 
All you really want is a better half 
Who can look you in the eye and not see the past 
But we will only see it 
We will always see it 
And you won’t see what it does to me 

Maybe I hate what it feels like we are becoming 
All that I want is everything that I thought we’d become