Neil Harvey

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After-Death Plan
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He came from Hagerstown
A premonition in the creeks of Antietam
His story ringing centuries round
A haunting is a tragedy repeating 
Make Ready.
In the shadows blue of the Allegheny
That rolling storm of distant trees
It’s like a tidal wave did freeze
Stopped. Afraid. Like when Neil was first betrayed 
Make Ready, Neil Harvey.
And keep your mouth closed, Harvey, and run away
He flew past the hills [to] where the map marked the bay
[Where] “A horrible mart/fled slowly away"
Make ready: RUN
Blue starry flag on the rifle-barreled bow
The eyelets staring, the anchors hanging down
It was on the dog watch; Was he locked in fear or lost in thought?
Did the sextant show an apparition? That moment again: The frozen recollection.
Reduced to a babe who assumed he’d be saved by god or man or inaccurate range
The next thing he saw, a powder monkey so brave
Sponge down the barrel and ram it down
You never know what the end is going to bring
It’s a haunting repeating
Make ready, Neil Harvey
And hang your mouth open