Legs Crossed, Shirts Off

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It was a nice day for rain and I’m glad it came

Even though it poured through the window

Had to squeegee ‘til my back ached, squeegee to the back drain

Now it’s past 3AM

It was the night of the storm, the wind was takin’ form

(It) found its place in the right direction

Well, somethin’ so destructive gone and made me so productive

And now it’s past 8AM


And it’s a nice day to come together

Right day to sit with our legs crossed

It’s about time to love the weather

It was a rainbow for days, (I) guess the promise stays

When reflected off the right position

Got the heart and the brain and the synchronized vision

Get ready and fall into place


And there was no time for shoes, only don’ts and do’s

All the time in the world

I was runnin’ on wet, cut grass with sweat on my ass

And now it’s past 8PM

And it’s the right night to cool the weather

Right time to lay with our shirts off

It’s about time to come together