Good Favor

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I came up in good favor

With social trends aligned

I came up in anger

But I wish I could’ve cried

I had an idea

It was that I’d abide

So I went up and I asked her

‘Where do we go when we die?’

She gave me some good answer

And I promised (that) I would try

I grew up with good manners

And lived my days on time

I was raised around strangers (stranger danger)

Who soon became my life

In whom I could confide

I was set to die...

I believed in glory

Along with it a story

It said I should feel guilty

But that there was some mercy

I guess I’ll just feel empty

I wanna be relieved

But only when it’s time

With danger all around me

I’m lucky I’m alive

Aicha, Aicha écoute-moi