Cloud Mtn Part 2

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I ‘ve fallen in love with this confident kid

I’ve fallen in line with accepting his sins

I feel like I’m calming down, but my energy ascends (X2)

I never think that I’m in over my head

If anything, I’m an amphibian

As I’m stuck in my body, can’t get out of my bed

In this paralyzed summer, it’s always that time of day

It’s that kinda time where it’s stuck in yesterday

Where there’s no rain but it just kinda hangs

And you think it’ll pour down, but it just sits and waits

And you figure it’ll be over, but it just kinda stays

And you try to appreciate all the time and space it gave

But you just want it to be over, butit stalks and it preys

And you think it’s gonna roll past, but Cloud Mtn’s here to stay

In this paralyzed summer where it lasts all day

Gears are grindin’ greedy grinds and great minds

Greet ‘em right, then get mine

Green ‘em right, it’s Green Times

Gruesome goals, and good guys

Guessin’ all those GOAT rhymes

Gotta get some good limes (good limes)

Good lines, good lines

And just for a moment

I was fallin’ apart

And I was dreamin’ hard

And I couldn’t get my mind to load

And I could’ve died

But not without my friends near to me

So I hung on

Wouldn’t let the gas get to me

And just for a moment, the rain is comin’ down on me