Joshua Cedars

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Joshua Cedars

“I can’t get out of my own head or out of my own way, so I wonder around in there and write songs until I find my way out. Ultimately I think it’s the honesty in the work that’s liberating. Crafting music is like painting each piece of a jigsaw puzzle while putting it together.” That’s the creative space that leads to the introspective qualities and sometimes cryptic messaging in his music. His lyrics are targeted and honest yet thematically universal. While blending an acoustic core with electronic overtones he drifts through various styles without losing a natural center of gravity.

Joshua Cedars


Music and Lyrics by Joshua Cedars

Performance: Joshua Cedars - Vocals, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, drums/ percussion, banjo

Production: Joshua Cedars - Recording, mixing, effects

Mastering: Joe Viers